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Effective heating solutions for ventilation systems

Maintaining optimal air quality in buildings is essential for comfort and wellbeing. Ventilation systems play a critical role in ensuring fresh air, but they often face challenges related to effective heat regulation.


The problem: Traditional ventilation systems can face varying needs for heating, especially in Scandinavian climates. This can lead to ineffective temperature control, higher energy consumption and reduced comfort.

The solution: At Norske Backer AS, we have specialized in producing tailor-made electric heating batteries that are integrated into ventilation systems. Our heating batteries solve the challenges associated with heat regulation by offering precise and efficient heating adapted to any environment.

Our heating batteries do the following:

  • Optimized heat regulation: Our heating elements, handmade at our factory in Kongsvinger, provide precise and even heating, which is crucial for comfort and energy efficiency.
  • Tailor-made as needed: We offer tailor-made solutions, whether for new ventilation systems or to upgrade existing systems, so that they meet today’s requirements for efficiency and comfort.
  • Fast delivery: With a focus on quality and efficiency, we usually deliver tailored solutions in just a week or two.
  • Flexible control: Do you want power regulation? We offer heating batteries with built-in 0-10V control, with various options such as triac, analog solid-state relay or step switch, to meet different needs.


We produce ventilation batteries with an integrated power regulator. We have supplied batteries for voltages up to 690V and up to 2.2MW.


  • 0-690V and 0,1 – 2500000W
  • -40°C – 70°C
  • Galvanized, stainless and acid-resistant steel.
  • 0-10V, 4-20mA

By choosing Norske Backer AS as your partner, you will not only get reliable, high-quality heating batteries, but also a solution tailored to meet your specific needs within HVAC and ventilation systems.

Experience how our heating solutions can improve your ventilation system – from increased efficiency to improved comfort. Choose Norske Backer AS as your reliable partner for heating batteries for ventilation systems!