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Business idea and vision

We have renewed and updated our business idea.

Our new business idea is more adapted to today’s operations and has been developed as a pointer for how we will achieve our new vision, and is as follows:

“Norske Backer must supply both tailored and standardized products and components for electric heating, in order to satisfy the customers’ needs and wishes. We deliver durable, high-quality products, developed with the help of long experience and high expertise. Through our project Backer Switch, we also want to help other businesses with the transition to the use of renewable energy rather than fossil fuels. Our largest customers mainly belong to various forms of process industry, maritime and the oil and gas industry.”

We have changed our desire and purposeand in that context have developed a new vision that will describe the overall goal for our business. Our vision should help give us a concrete goal we want to work towards, which we can be proud of working towards. Our new definition therefore reads as follows:

“Norske Backer will become the market’s leading and most sustainable supplier of tailored solutions for electric heating”