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Name + age + where you come from:

  • Kim
  • I will be 44 years old now.
  • I'm from Kongsvinger, but I live in Nord-Odal.

How long have you worked at Norske Backer:

  • Since 2003 – 21 years.

What position do you have and what do you do at work:

  • Now I am group leader in the mechanical department - welding.
  • Planning work for the others, plus I produce a little myself.

What do you like about the job – do you enjoy it?

  • It is the working environment and the people I work with. That's probably the most important thing, otherwise I probably wouldn't have been here for so long.
  • Yes, otherwise I wouldn't have been here for 20 years.

How did you find and get a job here?

  • I worked here for a few months at first, after Freddy asked me if I needed a job. Then I stopped for a few years. After two years I called to ask Uno if there was a job available here, so I've been here after that.

What education/background do you have:

  • Sheet metal and welding work, as it was called when I took it.

What do you do in your spare time? Do you have any hobbies?

  • Nothing special. I do boating and water sports, in the summer. And some snowboarding and such in the winter.


  • How many countries have you visited?
    • 9 countries, I think.
  • What is your favorite fruit? Favorite dish?
    • Banana and apple. Stroganoff.
  • Do you sing in the shower? In the car?
    • No, but it happens in the car when I'm alone.
  • What do you listen to in the car? Music, podcast, radio, nothing?
    • Listening to the radio.