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1" immersion heater

Immersion heater for liquid heating, brass head 1″. Pipe element made of acid-resistant steel (AISI 316L). For brass head 1″, there is no thermostat pocket. Connection 1x230V, with flat pin connection and intended for control switch for various elements. Backer immersion heaters are the most common option for liquid heating. It is used as a heat source in e.g. water heaters, boilers, in oil plants and for industrial liquid heating. The heaters consist of Backer pipe elements that are soldered or welded to flanges, element heads or nipples. They are combined with thermostats, temperature limiters and junction boxes. Alternatively, the immersion heaters can be made from ceramic elements inserted in protective tubes.

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Effect (W)Voltage VTypeInsertion length (mm)MaterialProduct number
1000230IU 21320AISI 316L2520398001
1500230IU 22410AISI 316L2520398002
2000230IU 23450AISI 316L2520398003
3000230IU 24475AISI 316L2520398003
2000230IU 30SMO415254 SMO for surt vann, salter, klor2520598001
5000230IU 38S440254 SMO for surt vann, salter, klor2520398801

Immersion heaters