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Nozzle elements

Nozzle elements are produced with high precision and a high surface effect to satisfy requirements for fast and safe heating.

Nozzle elements for mounting on nozzles for spraying machines are available in stock.

During production, the element is pressed together under very high pressure, which gives high insulation resistance, good heat transfer without air gaps in the element and a smooth surface for optimal and even heat transfer from the entire surface of the element.

The element is completely sealed to prevent melted plastic, oil, gas etc. pulls in.

Special design

Backer also has nozzle elements in special designs for particularly corrosive environments, such as injection molding of details in PVC plastic. These provide a higher temperature and a surface effect of 7 W/cm². Alternative connection: radial, angled 0°, angled 30°, tangential 0°

Assembly and maintenance

Use a 4 mm Allen key. It is important that the nozzle element is mounted so that there are no air gaps between the element and e.g. the nozzle of an injection molding machine. The element must be tightened after initial heating.

Avoid bending the connection cable near the element.

Plastic material on the element surface can be removed by heating to the melting point.

Avoid hitting the element and be careful when removing plastic.

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