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Barrel and container heaters

Barrel and container heaters are designed to keep liquids and oil-based products warm and liquid for further use. Norske Backer’s barrel heaters are specially designed to melt, keep warm or prevent the product from freezing, and in that way facilitate the emptying of slow-flowing and semi-solid products. Ideal for heating water, oil, diesel, resin, vaseline, wax (e.g. lanolin), fats, lubricants (e.g. lubricating oil) and other industrial fluids that must have a uniform temperature or viscosity.

Norske Backer offers a complete range for every need, in different materials and for different temperatures. We also supply heaters to industries with particularly strict requirements, such as the food and pharmaceutical industry.

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Additional equipment

  • Backer protective cover in PVC plastic for containers
  • Backer top protection in Cordura for containers
  • Backer insulation jacket in Cordura for containers
  • Backer insulation jacket in nylon for containers
  • Backer barrel insulation/insulation jacket for 200 liter barrels
  • Backer heating plate 0–120 °C to barrel base
  • Backer heating plate 50–300 °C for barrel base

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