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Bånd- og ringelement 

Ring elements and strip elements are used for contact heating on machines and for heating molds and tools within, among other things, the plastics, foundry and rubber industries.

Ring elements made of micanite or ceramic with a metal surface are used for contact heating on extruders and for heating containers, tanks etc.

Nozzle elements for mounting on nozzles for spraying machines are available in stock.

Strip elements of micanite with a metal surface are used for contact heating of molds, tools, vessels, etc.

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Technical data

Connections Connection box, Nickel wire, Cabinet inlet, Flat pin connectors, Screw and nut
Design Ceramics with sheet metal casing, Micanite with sheet metal casing, According to customer specifications
Surface loading Max 8W/cm² (at max 300°C)
Operating temperature Max 700°C (at max 4,5W/cm²)
Areas of use Contact heating, Extruders, Containers, Molds, Tools, Tanks


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