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Ceramic heating elements

Ceramic elements are used for indirect heating of liquids in electrical water heaters, boilers, oil pre-heaters and industrial baths.

For these applications, the ceramic element is mounted in a tube.

Ceramic heating elements are preferred when the exchange of elements without emptying the tube or container is required. The elements are also used in applications with demands for reduced lime or coke formation, and when increased wall thickness of the tube due to heavy pressure stresses is required.

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Technical data

ConnectionsM5, cable
DesignRound, flat
Areas of useVarious through-flow heaters for industrial applications, Water/beverage dispensers, Swimming pools


Ø 6.5 mmØ 15.8 mmØ 35 mm
Ø 8.3 mmØ 20 mmØ 36 mm
Ø 10 mmØ 22 mmØ 39 mm
Ø 11.5 mmØ 26 mmØ 46 mm
Ø 12.5 mmØ 31 mmØ 57 mm

L: 450, 600, 800, 1000, 1200 mm

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