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Backer Switch provides tailored heating solutions

A new offer from Norske Backer AS will make it easier for industrial companies to replace fossil heating with electricity. With Backer Switch, customers get tailor-made solution proposals from a world-leading competence environment.

 – We at Norske Backer AS want to assist the business world with the transition from heating solutions with fossil energy sources to solutions that are based on electricity. Backer Switch is about us helping you find a solution that suits your process and making the transition to greener energy easier and more seamless, says sales and marketing director Stian Gundersen at Norske Backer AS.


Energy-efficient heating solutions

Norske Backer AS specializes in the production and supply of innovative and reliable heating solutions. With a history spanning across several decades, Norske Backer has established itself as a leading supplier within electric heating elements and systems. The manufacturer is known for its high quality, reliability and tailor-made solutions that meet customers’ specific needs.

The company has a dedicated team of engineers and technical personnel who work closely with customers to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

– With a focus on innovation and sustainability, our goal and focus is to develop energy – efficient heating solutions that help reduce the environmental impact for our customers, says Stian.


bildet viser en mann med ryggen til foran flere elementer
Large electric hot air batteries for drying wood chips, where only oil was previously used as a heating source.


Cost-effective, time saving and sustainable

the Backer Switch consists of various phases, where the skilled design engineers of Norske Backer AS use their experience and expertise to find the best possible solution for the business in question.

– In the first phase, we will have an inspection to map the possibilities and limitations of your facility. Based on this inspection, we move on to phase two, where our design engineers find concrete solutions that are tailored to your needs and facility. The focus is that you only have to change the heating components instead of having to rebuild the entire system.

This is naturally cost-effective, requires less time and is more sustainable in terms of less production, says Stian Gundersen.

– Further in phase three, we will prepare a report and recommendation for you, so that you can assess the way forward yourself. If you choose to go for our solution, our skilled production staff will specially manufacture the components we have agreed on.