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Sustainability – also in the small things

If you visit us now, you will get you coffee served in ceramic cups, instead of plastic or carboard cups. We simply just removed all disposable cups from our common areas..

This is because we would like to do both big and small measures in everyday life – for a better globe!

I am lucky enough to be the sustainability officer in Norske Backer. And when we announce that we are going to be the leading and most sustainable supplier of tailormade solutions for electrical heating, this also obliges in the smaller things.

Therefore, we are replacing all disposable cups made of carboard and plastics.In 2022 we bought 21 000 carboard cups and 2000 plastic cups! To make sure that we are making a difference, it is important that the disposable cups are replaced with alternatives of good and long lifetime. Because of this, all employees have received their own, personal metal cup with names and logo on, that will sustain more than the ceramic cups.

Instead of using the plastic cups, we have put out reusable water bottles for all employees in our common area. And our guests can use the ceramic cups, that are washable.

This is a measure that in everyday life is not very big and does not have a big negative impact for neither visitors nor employees.

But for the globe it means less waste. For me this is sustainability in action, do you agree?

But what about copy paper?

Another measure we have been working on in January is replacing our regular copy paper to a more climate friendly alternative. We bought 235 packages with A4 copy paper, and 5 packages of A3 papers in 2022, which in total makes out all of 117 500 A4 paper and 2500 A3 paper! A rule of the thumb says that 1 kg of paper results in about 1,2 kg CO2 for regular paper, and we bought circa 611 kg of A4 paper, and circa 25 kg of A3 paper in 2022.

After some research, we found Paperwise paper.

This is a paper made of clean agricultural waste with help of 100% green energy, where the whole production process is carbon neutral.

A study carried out by IVAM University of Amsterdam fount that by using Paperwise paper instead of regular paper will reduce the environmental impact with all of 47%! This is also 29% better than by using recycled paper.

In addition to the study mentioned above, Paperwise also has several markings and certificates that underpins the research findings from the study.

After finding Paperwise and realizing the climate benefits of using this, we have already had out first delivery!

The paper seems promising. Both because the emission from the production is smaller, and the print quality is at least as good as regular paper!

I will give updates throughout all of 2023 of small and big measures and the effects on this website.

So, stay tuned for more climate friendly talk!

Regards from Oda 😊


Oda Beate Lerheim

Sustainability and marketing coordinator

+47 418 47 763