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Sustainable development

We at Norske Backer AS are concerned with taking care of society and the environment around us. We have therefore put an extra spotlight on sustainable development and have many exciting plans moving forward to take our responsibility for a greener and better future. In connection with this, we have developed a separate five-year sustainability plan for 2023-2028. The plan consists of both large and small goals, where some of the measures are completely new projects, while other measures are improvements we can make in existing operations. We hope and believe that our measures and improvements will contribute to the achievement of some of the UN’s Sustainability Goals, and perhaps inspire you to develop your own sustainability goals!

We have two goals that have a higher priority in the first half. These are to install solar panels on the roof which will cover a large part of our electricity needs, and to become better at using materials to the maximum to avoid unnecessary waste. We will be posting updates on both our website and social media, and we hope you will want to follow our journey towards sustainable development!

We are also ISO certified and can boast certification for ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. We are proud of these certifications, as they show our quality and that we care about our employees as well as the external environment. We are always continuously putting in efforts at improving and the certification both helps us and emphasizes this.