Energy is money… Backer measurement & control devices minimize energy losses. They guarantee better precision and therefore better efficiency. Backer offers traditional measurement and control solutions such as energy regulators and thermostats but also the latest technology with various integrated control and sensor solutions as well as soft starters and inverters. Backer measurement and control devices can be added to a large number of heating products for several applications and of course, fully customized to your specific needs. A common denominator for all products is that our measurement and control devices always make sure that the heating products operate optimally. What you receive is a more complete solution that does not compromise performance, and with a care for our planet and the environment we all share.

Join our path for a more sustainable future!

With Norske Backer's control equipment
you get intelligent heating

Warming up is one thing. Intelligent heating is something else entirely.
If you implement Norske Backer’s control and measurement solutions for your heating unit, you avoid unnecessary energy loss – and thus ensure reduced costs and environmental impact.




Management solutions

Energy regulator

Capillary thermostat

Norske Backer has a complete range of heating and control solutions for the household industry. Regulators and thermostats belong to our more traditional solutions, and they are particularly suitable for high temperatures.

Our soft-starters increase the service life of a motor by protecting it from electrical stress. The inverters deliver stable heat and adjust to current needs, and at the same time ensuring that less heat is lost.

PT100 / PT1000

Integrated power electronics solutions
The PT100/ PT 1000 monitors the temperature, and the integrated power electronic make sure that power output to the element is optimally regulated.
Dump resistor
Steel grid resistor
In wind turbines, resistors improve the quality of the electrical energy by tolerating shorter disturbances to the power grid, without the need of shutting down turbines, thus keeping the turbines spinning and producing maximum green energy.
Control panel
Power controller
We can help you with design and manufacture but also with installation and commissioning of control cabinets and accessory control panels.
Integrated NTC
Integrated control
Some applications are more sensitive than others. We offer heating solutions for the most sensitive of objects, with contol and sensor components being integrated features on the elements. E.g. on thick film elements, foil elements or tubular elements.

Do you need a specially tailored product? We can assist!