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Terminal boxes

Norske Backer has a large selection of junction boxes. These can be used in combination with the heating and defrosting elements in our standard range or for customer-adapted constructions.

The junction boxes are intended for mounting on heating elements with R1¼”–R2″ connection. The boxes are rotatable so that they can easily be positioned correctly in relation to the cable entry. The lids are produced in carbonate plastic or cast aluminium. The junction boxes are delivered in a splash-proof design, which corresponds to degree of protection IP 54.

The junction boxes are supplied in various designs to meet most requirements for thermostats and temperature limiters.

In the assortment, we also have a junction box in carbonate plastic intended for use together with our standard defrosting elements. The junction box is manufactured with degree of protection IP 65

Junction boxes are used for mounting various types of heating and defrosting elements, both to protect the electrical connection and to mount a thermostat and temperature limiter.

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MaterialSilium, polycarbonate, stainless steel
DimensionSee our standard catalogue
Assembly1 ¼’’ og 2’’
MaterialWithout thermostat and temperature limiter. With thermostat, 1-, 2-, or 3-pole. With temperature limiter, 1-, 2-, or 3-pole. With thermostat and temperature limiter
SafetyIP54, IP65
Areas of useHeating elements. Different types of bathrooms

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