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The industry chooses green heating solutions

Norwegian manufacturing companies are becoming increasingly good at thinking about green transition and sustainability. Recently, Norske Backer AS delivered an enormous heating-solution that will be used to dry pulp at a large wood processing company in Southern Norway. Sales and marketing manager Stian Gundersen tells of great interest both at home and abroad for the industry-leading heating solutions from Norske Backer AS.

Large dimensions

There are solid physical dimensions of the solution that Norske Backer AS recently delivered to the wood processing company in question. Six hot air batteries, which each are 2.86 meters high, 2.25 meters long and one meter deep, that will be able to heat up 100,000 cubic meters of air in series from minus 20 degrees to 250 degrees Celsius.

– It is one of the larger solutions that we have delivered, says sales engineer Espen Birkely and construction manager Sigurd Bergkvist, who was responsible for the development and construction of the plant.

It is about calculating what is needed to solve the task at hand. We have the expertise needed, so for us this is a good calculation.

Each hot air coil consists of 420 electric heating elements, so apart from the size, there is really nothing extraordinary about the project. It is the production capacity that is often challenge for us with such orders. We do not want such a large project to affect the delivery time of the ordinary production for all the other customers, says the two, who are currently busy calculating a similarly large project.

On such a project we spent somewhere between 12 to 15 weeks from contract conclusion to completion.

Huge climate savings

According to Stian Gundersen, many are now considering the possibilities of switching from fossil energy sources to renewable energy, also when it comes to heating.

– Our solutions are much more environmentally friendly than the old fossil solutions, and can be used for processing heat, drying, preheating, and general heating of both air and liquids, says Gundersen. He enjoys regularly coming to inspect and see what possibilities there are for changing out pollution with climate-friendly technology utilizing modern and green solutions.

Our solutions are not only much more climate-friendly, but they are also much more reliable and require significantly less service than the fossil solutions. And the climate savings will be enormous.


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