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Flow heaters / Booster heaters

Through-flow heaters consist of a heating flask mounted in a pipe construction with an inlet and outlet.

They are mainly used to heat liquid media or gas.
Small and medium-sized through-flow heaters can be used as a supplement to heat pumps, solar heating systems, liquid-borne underfloor heating, pools and other applications where the primary heat source has periodic capacity problems or malfunctions.

Flow-through heaters can of course also be used separately, and larger units are often used in industrial process plants.
They are then produced according to customer specifications.
We can produce through-flow heaters with mounting options for control equipment, and in many cases we can also supply the temperature control itself.
We declare the flow-through heaters we produce to comply with the PED directive, but within certain limits we can also pressure-certify them with a third-party body.

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