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Heating systems

Christian Backer patented the modern electric heating element back in 1921. Since the founding of Backer BHV in 1949, an enduring entrepreneurial spirit has strongly contributed to establishing Backer’s leading position in the global heating element market. We are experts in a vast range of technologies and we serve a high number of industry sectors. We are therefore confident in saying that we can offer you exact heating element solution that best fulfills your specific needs. Small-scale or large-scale production, advanced technology or standard products – we are your world-leading partner in heating elements! 

Our Heating systems

The majority of our solutions are designed for fullfilling the unique needs for a specific application or a given customer. We streamline operations for our customers by providing complete heating systems. You can find our standard heating systems on this site, but they are not indicative of the countless customized solutions we have produced for our customers over the years. There are thousands of Norske Backer solutions out in the world, in a vastvariety of applications. Thanks to or extensive technological expertise and lengthy experience in the industry, we can provide you with any heating system you may require.

Intelligent heating

Well, heating is one thing. Intelligent heating is the next level. If you add our control and measurement solutions to your heating device, you not only ensure that no unnecessary energy is lost, you also reduce costs and at the same time join us in contributing to a more sustainable future.