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Industry: Process, Offshore

Customer: Kanfa Group AS

Project: Glycol Reboiler – Electrical Heater.

Problem/need:: Kanfa are going to design a test rig that will be used for research into the degradation of glycols. Glycol is used to dry gas and in connection with that you usually have a glycol regeneration plant, which boils off the water so that the glycol can be used again. Briefly, the project here involves building a small glycol regeneration plant to be placed in a test hall at Equinor. This is part of qualifying the technology for use on unmanned oil and gas installations.

Solution: The solution came about by making an offer/sketch based on the request. Based on dialogue with Kanfa, Equinor and us, this has been revised several times, with lots of Teams meetings and e-mails. The solution was an 18" titanium heater 47kW.


  • Electricity data:               IHANSI18″/1400DL47000W400V
  • Operating temperature: 250°C
  • MaterialTitanium flange, Titanium element, AISI316 junction box.
  • Weight:                    200kg
  • Process control: No:      Nei

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