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Supporting Local Businesses and Initiatives: Commitment to the Community's Best Interests

As a business rooted in the local community, we have always regarded it as both a duty and an honor to give back to the community that supports us. Therefore, it is with great pleasure and commitment that we support and collaborate with the youth of RGB UB on an essential awareness campaign aimed at preventing and reducing the spread of intimate images among young people. According to the University of Oslo intimate images are defined as sexualized pictures or videos, and an image can be considered intimate even if the person depicted is wearing underwear, swimwear, or similar attire. Sharing such images by displaying, forwarding, or publishing them without the depicted person's consent is considered the distribution of intimate images..

This youthful and engaging project has captured our attention, and we are honored to contribute to a campaign with such a direct and vital impact on our society. The awareness campaign seeks not only to inform but also to raise consciousness about an issue that, unfortunately, affects far too many young people in today's digitalized world.

We believe in the importance of creating a safe and knowledgeable environment for our youth, and this project is a brilliant way to promote exactly that. It is inspiring to see young people taking on the responsibility to drive change and contribute to a safer and more informed future for everyone.

Vår støtte til denne viktige kampanjen er en del av our conviction om at vi som lokale bedrifter har en unik mulighet til å påvirke positiv endring i samfunnet vårt. Vi ser det ikke bare som en plikt, men som en glede å kunne støtte opp om prosjekter som dette, som virkelig gjør en forskjell på grasrotnivå.

We encourage other businesses and individuals in the local community to join us in supporting this valuable campaign. Together, we can make a real difference and create a safer and more enlightened future for everyone. Let us unite in supporting engagement, knowledge, and change for the betterment of our community.