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Yes to more women in the industry

The industry has traditionally been a male-dominated industry, but fortunately that has started to change in recent years. Oda Beate Lerheim chose both Kongsvinger and Norske Backer AS because the industry is exciting.

 – I chose industry because there I got to see a new angle on the subject of marketing at Norske Backer AS. I had envisioned working in tourism or a more consumer-oriented industry. But I think the industry provides an even more exciting everyday life, says Oda Beate Lerheim.

Oda finished her master’s in 2022 and chose Kongsvinger and the industry over the tourism industry in Western Norway. Something general manager Tom Owe Mikalsen is very happy about. With Oda, the proportion of women increased – and the average age decreased.

Diversity is important

Research shows that it is important to have diversity in a company in order to create the best possible working environment and promote innovation. When you have a more even distribution between the sexes, you will get different perspectives that can help solve problems and create new idea, says general manager Tom Owe Mikalsen.

He is happy that Oda chose to invest in the industry.

– We need more women in the industry to be able to influence both the industry and the working environment. This will not only benefit women, but also men and the company as a whole, Mikalsen says.

Hoping for female applicants

Now he hopes that even more women will join the company. For now, there are opportunities for those who want to work with the development of new products..

– This is an area that is constantly developing and that requires skilled and creative people, so I hope that women also dare to apply, says Mikalsen.


Diversity and equality give the company:

– 1.8 times better rigged for conversion

– 1,7 ganger større sannsynlighet for å bli innovasjonsledende i eget marked

– 70% greater chance of winning new market shares

– 85% av CEO-ene i organisasjoner som har en mangfolds- og inkluderingsstrategi oppgir at dette har bidratt til bedre resultater

Source: Seema.no


Genger and number of employees in the industry:

Most men – but the proportion of women is on the rise.

In 2022, there were 53,500 women in the industry in Norway. This was an increase of 2,500 women in one year. And the number of men in 2022 was 170,000. This was a decrease of 5,000.

Source: SSB.no